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Monday, August 08, 2005

Garden Party

I've been absent for a while due to a graduation party for my daughter.

Most of the preparations were on the inside of the house, complicated by the installation of new carpeting.

It was a big job.

The party was a smashing success.

About 50 friends and family attended and enjoyed the parklike setting, wonderful sunny day, and a lovely balmy evening.

The garden was a hit too.

Comments included:

I wasn't sure I was at the right place. I knew you had lots of flowers, but you can't tell from the front yard. (My front yard is deceptively small)

I love what you did where your pool was. (I had a twenty-four foot above ground pool that went to it's reward two years ago. It's now garden.)

Look! A moonflower. (I love this old fashioned oddity.)

What's that yellow flower with the lacy leaves? (A wild senna or partridge pea.)

Do you have to add water to your pond? (Yes, when it doesn't rain enough.)

You must spend a lot of time out here. (My family says they never see me during the summer.)

It must take a lot of work. (Not as much as you think. Truthfully spring clean up and three good weedings usually does the trick. The rest is putzing.)

Do you have to water a lot? (Typically no. But I usually water more than I need to because I'm always moving plants around.)

It's just beautiful. (Don't look too close because it's been too hot and I haven't been weeding like I should...which I will pay for later.)

Have you had to water a lot with the drought?(Actually, no. A few plants needed the water. Most thrived anyhow, but were about 6 inches shorter than usual, not that you can tell.)

What's your favorite plant?(I never did get a chance to answer this one. Tough question. Plant would probably be hosta. For flower I'd almost have to say whatever is blooming at the moment. Actually, the false sunflower is quietly taking the lead, blooming from spring to fall and beyond. Close second would be my dark blue veronica. Both have very long bloom seasons. I'll have to make a best of list.)

In any case, the garden was a big hit, along with all the food and drink.

Though there were a few surprise guests.

In spite of the 50 people scattered about the yard, the locals still snuck in.

During one of my more relaxed moments, I enjoyed watching a hummingbird get a free drink from my beautiful 'Raspberry Wine' bee balm. I didn't invite him to the party, but he's always welcome.

We also got to watch the merry goldfinches munch on sunflower and cosmos seeds. The food was plentiful.

I do like a good garden party.

You always end up with the most engaging guests.


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