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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Garden Drudgery

Another day of slavery in the yard. I had to mow the lawn, thanks to all of the recent rain. And I yanked out a few dandelions for kicks. Then I moved a couple of plants that just weren't thriving where they were. Just the usual toil. But it felt good to get those plants moved. I'd been meaning to take care of that task for at least a year now. (Sometimes I move slowly.)
Apparently it got cold enough last night to frost the tips of a few plants. Freezer burn, if you will. Nothing appeared to be severely damaged though. Not even my recently planted annuals. They are a bit tougher than one would think.
My next big drudgery type task will be to chop my maiden grass back into bounds. Boy did this stuff take off! I'm afraid it likes the sandy soil I have it in a bit too much. And to think it started from a single pathetic looking shoot about 5 years ago. Now I have several clumps over two feet wide.
My surprise for the day was that one of my hardy geraniums is starting to bloom. I grew it from seed I got from a lady in England. Thanks Psilo!
The flower of the day is my Hellebore, and I probably didn't spell that correctly. I've waited at least 3 years for this plant to bloom, and finally had to resort to moving it to get it to do so. This is kind of a bad photo, but it does show off the odd green bloom nicely. I'm hoping it will look even better next spring.


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