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Garden Delights

A selection of thoughts and ramblings about life in the garden.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Time for Two

It's time for tulips.
Or for two. Two people.
I spent most of today in two's. I went shopping with my son. Though I didn't expect to, I still managed to come home with some stuff for the garden.
Amazing how that happens, isn't it?
I really just walked into a hobby shop to get a couple of canvases for my daughter, who suddenly and inexplicably has decided to take up oil painting. Since I wasn't sure where the canvas were, I ended up rambling through the store.
Well...that meant I just couldn't leave without getting a story stick thing and an iron dragonfly. (And a surprise for my sister, but I can't talk about that here. She might be listening.)
The garden seems to follow me wherever I go.
When I got home, I just had to go give my neighbor (who spent the day diligently working in HIS garden) a hard time. Of course, it meant leisurely tours of both yards.
The weather here has been chilly. And some residents prefer it that way.
A perfect time for two.


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