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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Weather

I'm not so sure about this global warming thing. It's not very warm out there. In fact, it has been unseasonablly cold here in northern Illinois. Tonight is our second frost warning night. So far, no damage to speak of.
Well, one little impatiens got nipped. I moved it for tonight, along with my fuschia. Paid too much for that to let it get nipped.
Aside from the cold, it's also been unusually dry. I have cracks in my lawn again. I'm not supposed to have cracks in my lawn in spring. I only get those in late summer. What is up with that?
And then there's the wind. Is is just me, or does the prevailing wind seem to be coming out of the east now? It's just a bit odd.
But...the plants don't seem to mind much. Mother nature just keeps keeping on in her own merry little way. The plants just seem to know to put themselves on hold for a bit when it gets cold.
I wish it were that easy for me.
I don't want to wait.


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