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Garden Delights

A selection of thoughts and ramblings about life in the garden.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Stop...and smell the flowers

Today was a low impact garden day. I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so I decided not to get dirty.

You can always tell a true gardener by looking at their shoes and knees.

Instead of getting covered with dirt, I got covered in pollen. Which can sometimes be just as messy.

I just stopped to smell the flowers.

Asiatic lilies don't have much scent, compared to their Oriental counterparts. But I tried anyhow, and ended up with a shirt full of pollen.

I smelled all my baby daylilies to check for scent. Sadly, none were heavily perfumed. One of the others, probably Hyperion, was wonderfully scented, funneling the delicate fragrance out through giant trumpet shaped blooms.

I pondered the ladybell situation. I received my ladybells via a trade in the mail. Somehow I ended up with two different types. One is the standard deep purple blue. The other is a more delicate blue with very recurved petals. No one has been able to identify the delicate blue one. Is it simply a rare variety, or do I truly have something new and noteworthy?

I dead-headed a few flowers.
I put markers by a plant or two.
I surveyed the overall landscape, planning for the future.
I enjoyed the cool, mosquito free environment.
I sat and watched the flowers grow.

Much later, after dinner, I did something I almost never do.
I just sat on the porch swing and had a good swing, watching the moon play hide and seek with the clouds.

And I watched the dragonflies.


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