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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Albuquerque or Bust!

I'm back!
All the little plantlings survived the trek to Albuquerque. Mostly. There were a few fatalities. But those weren't expected to make it anyhow.

I forgot to take a photo of the loaded car.

Worse yet, I forgot to take a photo of them all planted happily in the bakey New Mexico sunshine.

Most were looking quite wilty when I left, but I expect they will perk up a bit once the put down some roots. Plants are quite amazing really. There was one little hosta that was flat to the ground like a pancake and wilted to the point where I couldn't imagine it ever making a comeback. But, sure as shootin', the next day it was standing upright and perky. It was a bit singed, but upright and happy none the less. It's amazing what a day or two and some water will do.

Now I'm back and looking at my garden of Eden in horror. Yikes! I don't even think I was gone for ten days. I have created a monster. A very thriving monster in spite of the fact that it only rained once while I was gone. Most plants grew a foot or more. And I think the weeds did even better on the growth chart. Guess it's back to weed, weed, weed.

I can still see the blooms though. I don't let the weeds bother me too much. Blooms are the important part. And I'll have a lot of them this season. I was rather foolish and decided to try and grow daylilies from seed. Two years later and I'm about to see the fruits of my pollination labor. In fact, some are blooming already. And, since I get to name them for fun, the first few are getting names with a southwestern flair.


We made it to Albuquerque.


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