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Sunday, May 08, 2005

My Mom's Day Present

Happy Mother's Day to all!

It was a beautiful and hot day here in northern Illinois. Perfect for all those moms.

I received a rather unusual present in a rather unusual way. My hubby came home after working midnights and proclaimed that my present was outside somewhere and I just had to find it. He was quite proud of himself. Said it wasn't even wrapped.
Well, I gave the yard a cursory check and didn't spot anything. I even checked the front yard. I started to wonder if perhaps he'd actually purchased a plant and stuck it in with all the others in the yard.
That would be very tricky to find.
I have a large yard. I have a lot of plants.
So I decided I would add water to my pond while I went back and checked the yard again.
I didn't have to.
There was no mistaking the little gold bodies flitting about in my pond. They stuck out like a sore thumb, small as they are. The gold ones were easiest to spot. It took a bit longer to spot the dark grey ones. I even spotted a tadpole.
When I thanked my hubby, I asked how many he had gotten A dozen, was the response. Any tadpoles, I asked. Nope. Just goldfish, or fish from the goldfish tank at the local fish shop.

So...did my eyes deceive me, or did Mother Nature give me a special Mother's Day present?


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