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Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Miracle of Plant Transplantation

Today I decided to do a plant check on the hundred or so baby plantlings I have in flats, awaiting a major locale change.
They are going to New Mexico.
Why babies in flats?
I needed to save space.
They need a healthy root system.
Babies will simply adapt better in the long run.
If I can keep them alive.
Most are currently in little one inch flat cells. I ripped them out of the ground, stuck them in cramped quarters...
and still they thrive.
Some are thriving to the point of trying to flower in a miniaturized state.
It's kind of scary.
Mother Nature finds a way.
Out of the lot of them, only three look to be goners. The rest are getting a lot larger than I want them to be when I have to cart them half-way across the U.S.
What's my secret?
It's so simple. Anyone can do it.
But you have to do it for the first six weeks.

Just add water.


At 10:59 PM, Blogger Sue said...

100 plants? Wow! I am blessed. The terrace work will begin on May 18th. More later!


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