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Monday, May 16, 2005

On the Road Again

I truly intended to get out in the garden today.
At least to mow the lawn.
Or pull grass out of the flowerbeds.
Or tie my wisteria back up.
Or dig some more plants for my sister.

But, no.
I got tapped to drive a field trip to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

So, you might ask, what exactly do bus drivers do to pass the time on field trips?

I'll give you a short summary, just for fun.

Find a bathroom. (Top priority!)
Find food.
Watch the seagulls and pigeons.
Talk about cocoa shell mulch.
Admire the landscaping on the lakefront.
Debate whether or not Lake Michigan is cleaner than before.
Check to see if you can see the bottom.
Walk the lakefront from the front of Shedd's to behind the Planetarium.
Debate whether a sparkly looking statue of a guy hugging a dolphin with water shooting out of its mouth qualifies as art.
Discuss the bus parking situation in downtown Chicago.
Trade field trip horror stories.
View the skyline.
Comment on how the city has changed.
Debate the eye appeal of the new Soldier Field.
Debate the logic of trying to rename stadiums.
Find out stuff you didn't know about each other.
Find an astronomically aligned seating area by the planetarium.
Debate whether it's creepy because the granite seats look like headstones.
Admire the color of the water and the waves.
Watch the clock.
Smash a few pennies.
Find a restroom.
Load 'em up.
Take 'em back.


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