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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Lawn Ranger Rides Again!

I am a very lucky person.
My new neighbor has decided he wants to rid my lawn of weeds.
My hero! (Sigh!)
This is a very good thing.
For me.
I personally don't like to use chemicals.
I tried it once and a mama robin abandoned her nest in my front yard.
That made me wonder.
I once heard someone say that homeowners use scads more chemicals than the farmers do.
All for an unbroken, carpet-like patch of green that needs more mowing and watering once you achieve that perfect lawn zen.
I'd much rather see flowers than lawn. I keep removing sections of lawn in favor of flowers. Much lower maintenance.
So...I have let the weeds take control of the yard.
You name it, I've got it.
Chickweed, creeping charlie, dandelions, plantains, thistles, clover, dock, violets, bugleweed, and on and on and on.
Even the flowers move into the lawn.
This does not sit well with my neighbor.
He's a chemical salesman.
Being the nice guy that he is, he's offered to rid my lawn of weeds.
How could I refuse?
All I have to do is give him some hosta.
Since he was out there spraying today, I guess I owe him.
I can always find a spare hosta. Or two.
I consider it kind of a symbiotic relationship.
He reduces my weed population.
I increase his hosta population.
Works for me!

(Though secretly I think he just can't stand the thought of my weeds migrating into his yard.)


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