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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Rose by Any Other Name

Who comes up with the names for plants anyhow?
I think some of them should be shot.
Think about it.
We're either stuck with hard to remember Latin names. Which stink.
Or really stupid common names.
Take the lovely plant 'Ragged Robin" for example.
The name just sounds condescending.
It has wonderful perky pink flowers in spring. It does not deserve such a horrid name.
And why label any plant 'false'. That's just plain confusing.
False Sunflower.
If it isn't a sunflower, don't call it one.
Why call a cheerful daisy, 'ox-eye'? What a gruesome thought.
Or the exotic looking cleome 'stink weed'? Even if it does stink?
And couldn't they find a better name for crocus?
Tulips and lilies.
They have such happy sounding names.
Even in Latin.
All flowers should have happy names.
While I understand the logic behind Latin names, they just don't sound appealing.
Dodecathelon. Such a stately name for the humble shooting star.
Tradescantia. That's a rather dismal sounding name for a terrific plant with bright blue flowers.
Better known as spiderwort.
Now worts I can handle.
Worts are cool. Worts go back to the days of folk medicine.
Leadwort, lungwort, worts galore.
They have a mystical appeal.
Plant names should have just that.
A happy mystical appeal.
The world needs more sweet williams, bouncing-bets, and naked ladies.


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